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Triple Layer Puzzles – suitable from ages 18 months to 3 years

Remove the pegged top layer and eight other pieces pop out from the middle layer with matching illustrations beneath them. Ideal for eye and hand co-ordination, matching, manipulative skills and encouraging dexterity. The pop out pieces are tapered for easy location.
The Living Garden puzzle incorporates all the skills of familiar pull-out activities (manipulation, eye hand co-ordination etc) but also introduces life cycles in a familiar environment. In this triple layer the child makes exciting discoveries as they lift layer by layer. E.g. lift the frog to find the tadpoles, lift again to find the frogs spawn.

Triple Layer Farmyard – £12.00   PTL105 SOLD OUT
Triple Layer Noah’s Ark – £12.00   PTL106 SOLD OUT
Triple Layer Boat (not illustrated) – £12.00   PTL106A
Triple Layer Living Garden – £12.00   PTL107
pegged puzzle – farmyardpegged puzzle – transport

Pegged Puzzles – suitable from ages 18 months to 4 years

Available as a nine piece farmyard or six piece transport. The child has to relocate the pegged pieces to match the pictures on the base. These pegged pull-out puzzles are ideal for eye and hand co-ordination, matching, manipulative skills and encouraging dexterity.

Pegged nine piece Farmyard – £12.00   PPO108
Pegged six piece Transport – £12.00   PPO109
reversible puzzle – farmyard and wildlifereversible puzzle – transport

Reversible Pull Out Puzzles – suitable from ages 2 to 4 years

A puzzle or two. Different illustrations either side. The pull-out pieces relocate either side. This puzzle extends manipulative, matching recognition skills & dexterity to higher levels. Storytell, language, colours, discovery.
The six piece ‘Transport’ depicts passenger/working vehicles. Land, sea & air, rural & town, services & pleasure. Lift out the ferry, turn it over, relocate as a fire-engine on the reverse.
The Farm/Wildlife illustrates parent & their young in two given environments. Lift the pig, discover piglets, turn over the pig, find the lions, relocate lions to the cub on the reverse. Incorporates land, fresh/ sea water, mammals & marsupials, insects, birds and tree life.

Reversible Farmyard/Wildlife – £12.00   PRP110
Reversible Transport – £12.00   PRP111
LL puzzles – farm and builderLL puzzle – wild animalsLL puzzle – noah’s arkLL puzzle – circus


Lift and Look Scroll Puzzles – suitable from ages 2 to 4 years

An introduction to the 2 shapes of scroll puzzles taking eye/hand co-ordination to the limits, 12 piece, tray lift out, requires much greater manipulative skills. One shape fits inside of the other to form a more conventional shape, match up top to bottom layer.

Lift and Look Farm – £12.00   PLL112

Lift and Look Builder – £12.00   PLL113
Lift and Look Wild Animals – £12.00   PLL114
Lift and Look Noah’s Ark – £12.00   PLL115
Lift and Look Circus – £12.00   PLL116
Lift and Look Dinosaur (not illustrated) – £12.00   PLL117
Lift and Look Fairy (not illustrated) – £12.00   PLL118
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