puzzle – builder and farmpuzzle – bulder and animalspuzzle – builder and dinosaurpuzzle – noah and circuspuzzle – animals and sealifepuzzle – fairy and birdspuzzle – fairy and butterflypuzzle – fairy and farm

Double Scroll Puzzles – suitable from ages 4 to 6 years

Great fun, even more confusing, also 12 piece but with a different illustration either side. Not only has the child to sort out the shapes but the picture as well. Normal concepts of puzzle construction need to be put aside. There are 10 designs and 14 puzzle options to choose from.

Double Scroll Builder and Farm – £12.00   PDS119
Double Scroll Builder and Wild Animals – £12.00  PDS120

Double Scroll Builder and Circus (not illustrated)
– £12.00   PDS121

Double Scroll Builder and Dinosaur – £12.00   PDS122

Double Scroll Noah’s Ark and Farm (not illustrated)
– £12.00   PDS123

Double Scroll Noah’s Ark and Circus – £12.00   PDS124

Double Scroll Wild Animals and Sealife – £12.00   PDS125

Double Scroll Wild Animals and Farm (not illustrated)
– £12.00   PDS126

Double Scroll Wild Animals and Dinosaur (not illustrated)
– £12.00 PDS127

Double Scroll Fairy and Birds – £12.00   PDS128

Double Scroll Fairy and Wild Animals (not illustrated)
– £12.00   PDS129

Double Scroll Fairy and Noah’s Ark (not illustrated)
– £12.00   PDS130

Double Scroll Fairy and Butterfly– £12.00   PDS131
Double Scroll Fairy and Farm – £12.00   PDS131A
puzzle – worldpuzzle – sealifepuzzle – butterfly

Super Scroll Puzzles – suitable from ages 7 years upwards

The child really has to think and concentrate. 24 pieces with the same illustration either side making it difficult to establish whether the pieces are the right way up. Suitable for ages 7 and over. 5 designs to choose from.

Super Scroll World – £12.00   PSS132
Super Scroll Sealife – £12.00   PSS133
Super Scroll Butterfly – £12.00   PSS134
Super Scroll Wild Animal (not illustrated) – £12.00   PSS135
Super Scroll Fairy (not illustrated) – £12.00   PSS136

colourscape puzzle

Colourscape Puzzle – suitable from ages 5 to 7 years upwards

A kaleidoscope of colours ... a square within a circle within a square Challenging, stimulating, thought provoking. Colour sequence, sizing, proportioning, basic mathematics. Triangles, squares, circles – radius, diameters – stenciling straight/rounded edges. 48 pieces.

Colourscape – £15.00   PCS137
executive puzzlechief executive puzzle

Adult Scroll puzzles – suitable for adults!

The 24 piece ‘Executive’ has been adopted by management training schools universities and large multi national corporates.

The 80 piece ‘Chief Executive’ will stretch concentration and patience to the limit. Both available in red, green and blue.

The ‘Enigma’ is an extremely difficult multi-coloured 144 piece puzzles, that is painted on both sides to add the  extra difficulty. No clue to the shape you are trying to achieve.

The Executive – £12.00   PEX138

The Chief Executive – £18.00   PEX139

Enigma (not illustrated) – £20.00   PEX140